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Installing an updated U-Boot

Building an updated U-Boot

With U-Boot v2020-04 all required elements to properly boot a vanilla linux kernel are in upstream. meta-intel-edison adds some non-essential patches on top, as well as enabling btrfs support.

U-Boot is automatically built as part of the regular image build.

Install updated U-Boot Over The Air (OTA)

This is assuming Intel Edison is running and you can log in with ssh root@edison.local.

From the directory out/current/build:

 ../../../meta-intel-edison/utils/flash/btrfsFlashOta.sh -b

Install updated U-Boot Env Over The Air (OTA)

../../../meta-intel-edison/utils/flash/btrfsFlashOta.sh -e

Install updated U-Boot with DFU (USB)

Follow the detailed instructions Flashing only U-Boot