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Making contact the first time

Serial port (USB)

The simplest way to connect is to insert a USB cable into the port marked 3 and the other end into you laptop or PC and follow step 1 here.

Serial port (USB gadget)

In gadget mode, the Edison USB port works as virtual serial port. You can configure a linux host to actually create the port. Instructions are provided here.

Ethernet (dongle)

Certain usb ethernet dongle drivers are already built-in (i.e. Microship SMSC95xx supporting LAN9514 4p+eth hub). Plugging in a supported dongle will immediately start ethernet on that port.

If your dongle is not supported you need to provide a kernel fragment in meta-intel-edison-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux/files/ similar to smsc95xx.cfg and add it to the linux-yocto recipe in the directory above.

Ethernet (USB gadget)

In gadget mode, the Edison USB port works as a slave (device). You can configure a linux host to provide a shared ethernet-over-USB connection to the Edison. Instructions are provided here.

Wifi AP

Pressing the Power Button shortly (more then 2 sec. but less then 10) with turn the Edison Wifi AP on. The Access Point will appear as EDISON-xx-xx with xx-xx depending on the hardware address of the wlan0 device and the passphrase identical to the serial number (on the label of the Edison module).

A web server for further configuration is started that you can access for further configuration. Point you web browser to either http://edison or http://edison.local.

Bluetooth (tether)

3 quick pushes of the power button (3rd button from the left marked as PWR on the Edison Arduino) makes the LED blink fast and enables bluetooth pairing without further intervention.

Some devices (computer / laptop) require pairing using a PIN, where the PIN consists of the last 6 digits from the serial number (skipping letters).

Other devices (phones) may pair without PIN.

Pairing while having Bluetooth tethering enabled will create a bluetooth connection in connman.

This starts a web server same as with the Wifi AP above.