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Setting up

Setting up

1- Prepare your workspace:

    mkdir my_Edison_Workspace
cd my_Edison_Workspace

2- Get this layer:

    git clone https://github.com/edison-fw/meta-intel-edison.git

3- Make things easier with ‘make’:

    ln -s meta-intel-edison/utils/Makefile.mk Makefile

4- Checkout the version you want to use:

    cd meta-intel-edison

    git checkout master

You can also checkout dizzy-uptodate, dizzy-latest, dizzy-rt or morty, pyro64, pyro64-acpi, rocko32, rocko64-acpi, sumo32 and sumo64-acpi, thud, warrior, zeus, dunfell, gatesgarth, hardknott, honister (all frozen) or kirkstone.

5- Download all the needed dependencies:

    cd ..

    make setup

Warning: only use make image or flash using make flash on rocko or later.

Continue to Building the image

You only need to run make setup once. However, if you run it again the additionally downloaded layers will be pulled again from the source. Setting up again will also clean up everything causing everything to be rebuild. That might be a good thing, if you are prepared to wait a few hours for everything to rebuild.

If you only want pull the latest changes but not rm -rf out use make update.

Cleaning up everything

From time to time bitbake gets mixed up on what to build. This happens for instance when you switch Yocto version.

I didn’t find a real easy way to clean up everything with bitbake (i.e. similar to make clean). It most cases that won’t be needed anyway. What seems to work for now is:

    make clean

    rm -rf bbcache/sstate-cache/*

    make setup

This will delete everything in out, remove the sstate-cache, but keep all the downloaded packages.

Cleaning up just a single recipy

When working on a recipy (for instance u-boot), bitbake might not detect the change and refuse to rebuild the recipy f.i. when you change the bitness (from 32 -> 64 or vv.). In that you can clean the complaining recipe using:

    bitbake -c cleansstate u-boot

    bitbake -c cleansstate linux-yocto