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About me

My name is Ferry Toth (htot). Why htot? toth was already taken when I signed up on github.

I am an electronics engineer and one of the owners / directors of Exalon Delft. We develop Intrinsically Safe instrumentation for the Oil & Gas industry (among other stuff like HART protocol stacks and testing tools). I have a PhD in Smart Capacitive Sensors. I know how to program micro-controllers.

I am not a software engineer, kernel developer and have no relation with Intel. Andy Shevchenko’s kernel was my first successful attempt (and certainly not my first) to build a kernel. Never worked with u-boot before and I am overwhelmed by the variables and syntax that Yocto uses.

I am learning by doing and fortunately I’m a quick learner. But would I trust me to supply an image for an Edison that is supposed to do anything that could cause lives to be lost or other damages to happen? Of course not.

Fortunately, I’m not on this alone on this project.

Andy Shevshenko (andy-shev) is a renowned Intel kernel developer, he has done all the heavy lifting to upstream Edison kernel patches, U-Boot patches, fix and create kernel drivers, add ACPI support and more.

Alex Tereschenko (alext-mkrs) is also working for Intel, and involved with Edison and Galileo as a volunteer from the beginning, figuring out how to boot from SD card, building the opkg library, providing support in the forums. Fortunately he knows how to fix my half baked recipies.