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Building and installing the image

Building the image

Change to the correct directory as instructed by the make setup script (see Setting up).

    cd /.../my_Edison_Workspace/test/out/linux64

    source poky/oe-init-build-env

Note: you need to source oe-init-build-env from every new konsole that you want to use to run bitbake.

    bitbake -k edison-image

Alternatively, from the same directory as make setup:

    make image

make image has the advantage that it will always clean and rebuild kernel and U-Boot.

The results of bitbake will be found in out/current/build/tmp/deploy/images/edison/ which is what we will be using when installing manually to enable booting from SDHC or USB drive.

After make image has completed, in addition run the postbuild.sh script, which will create a complete image in out/current/build/toFlash/ ready for flashing using flashall or Flash Tool Lite. It will also process the btrfs image and create a snapshot from that, see Automatically building and installing a btrfs snapshot

Flashing the image

Before you start

You need to connect the Edison Arduino using 2 USB cables and the switch in the position as in Flashing only U-Boot step 1 - 3.


Change to the directory holding the flash-able image out/linux64/build/toFlash/ and run flashall.sh. Press the Edison Arduino RESET button when instructed to plug the cable:


Note 1: If you have not followed the instructions in Avoiding Permissions Issues, you will need to invoke flashall.sh as root (i.e. sudo ./flashall.sh)

Note 2: Many people have been reporting that the windows version flashall.bat is not working on Windows 10. Apparently these problems do not occur using Flash Tool Lite.

Flash Tool Lite

  1. Download Flash Tool Lite for your platform from the Intel 01.org Open Source site: https://01.org/node/2463.
  2. Start as root using sudo platformflashtoollite, then select the json file in the out/linux64/build/toFlash/ directory.

    json file selection dialog

  3. Click the Start to flash button.

    Start to flash button

  4. Press the Edison Arduino RESET button.

    RESET Edison Arduino

  5. Flashing goes in separate steps for U-Boot and Root FS.